it doesnt take a genius to work out that if we group together on bills then we will all pay less!

Central Billing
How Central Billing WorksYour business benefits from the combined purchasing power of the group. Giving you favourable pricing for the products or services your business can’t do without.

Let us focus on getting you a better deal, freeing you to get on with making your business a success.

What is Central Billing?

Central Billing is a payments platform designed specifically for businesses. By delivering billing fulfillment, consolidated invoicing and payment collection via Direct Debit, businesses can afford to offer and benefit from better pricing.

What can Central Billing do for my business?

Your business, whether you are the supplier or customer, benefits from the reduced cost of fulfillment. Items purchased during a billing cycle are billed in one consolidated invoice. Meaning fewer transactions, reducing the cost of collecting payments, benefiting all parties involved.

By collecting payments by Direct Debit it allows us to offer you standardised trading terms with suppliers, some of whom without a trading history, you might not get credit.

Advantages of Direct Debit

  • Direct Debit is one of the safest and easiest ways of paying bills
  • Offer/receive better trading terms
  • Gives customers peace of mind
  • Control your cash flow more effectively
  • More efficient and cost effective way to collect payments