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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In line with GDPR we have updated policies and procedures that relate to the way we collect, store and protect personal data.

More information on this can be found on our updated Privacy Notice which can be accessed for perusal and download at this web address –

In relation to a couple of key areas:

Data Retention

The personal data we hold on file for you is used for performance of any current or services to your business. The data we retain allows us to perform the services and contact you using information you have previously supplied to us. We only retain the minimum amount of data needed and it is only accessed by persons authorised to do so. The data we hold on file will be deleted/destroyed when no longer required for our trading purposes. This is typically 6 years from the end of our services for you.

Data Protection

We have policies, procedures and technical measures to keep your data secure and only store it for as long as necessary for the purposes of maintaining our service and service levels to your organisation. From time to time we may use aggregated data for the purposes of statistical analysis to improve our services, but this will omit any personal identifiable data. Information we hold; digitally or on paper, will be held securely and only accessed by individuals who have the authority to do so.

Our privacy notice sets out the rights of data subjects.


If you need any further information or wish to exercise any data subject rights please contact us at