it doesnt take a genius to work out that if we group together on bills then we will all pay less!


  • Procuria Utilities

    Having agreed direct deal s with all the major utility providers enables Procuria to offer on the spot pricing and also, in certain areas, the ability to pre-contract. The CRM software also enables total management of customer contracts to ensure no issues around renewals.

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  • Procuria Waste Management

    As an upper tier waste broker, through the Environmental Agency ref: CB/WM3183FA, Procuria have both local and national deals in place with various waste providers. Procuria also offer Free consultation on how best to manage all waste streams that a business may produce.

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  • Payments

    With the reliance on cash reducing see our "Payments Page" for an extensive breakdown on Procuria`s Chip and Pin offering.

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  • Procuria Insurance

    The on-line portal enables instant quotes that cover any insurance requirement for any size business. This pulls in quotes from all the major insurance companies and can be tailored to any business needs.

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