it doesnt take a genius to work out that if we group together on bills then we will all pay less!

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In business a little problem can sometimes be the hardest to solve. Google apps for business ™ is a cloud package designed to enhance working life with Email, calendar and Drive ™ in one place on any device just access through a web browser.

Appamondo is a Google Apps for Business authorised reseller that differentiates itself through support by communicating directly with its end users in order that they can develop an understanding of Google Apps and fully assess its benefits.

Taking away the stress which comes with change for the IT department/person freeing up time to focus on other activities. The team have over 15 years worth of experience in the I.T support sector so can help make sure you have everything you require to make the change. The package can suit any business industry with a wide range already successfully migrated to the appamondo community from horticultural to Engineering. Take it from us, Appamondo helped us move to Google apps; this is what we though:

“Thanks guys! We have to say moving to Google apps with you has been the best experience of IT support we have seen”

So what do you get for £15 per user per month?

  • A full migration of each user on to Google apps for business. This includes full Google Apps for business setup and license. This is handled by our fully trained IT technician, who will keep you updated along the process with a manageable timeline.
  • All of Google Apps for Business features. Gmail ™, an emailing package. Drive ™ which is an online storage system. Doc ™, an office package in the cloud this includes word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations. Calendar ™ and more.
  • Welcome introduction through an email programme, which develops users prior, during and after migration to help make sure users are up and ready from day one. This includes access to our online forum, which a technology community.
  • Support continues direct to each end user, they can manage their requirements directly with one of the team members at the helpdesk. Support is accessed through multiple channels including online chat, email, hangouts, remote login and phone call.
  • Updates, Google Apps for Business ™ is constantly updated with new and improved features to make sure users always receive the best experience. Appamondo support this with weekly updates straight into users mailboxes.
  • Appamondo like to remain close with each end user so hold online video conferencing and are available on instant messenger right here and the U.K, to make sure you gain good quality advice and support.

Appamondo’s cloud service solution offers immediate benefit to SMB business and allows owner-managers and directors to focus on building their business, not managing IT.