Procuria Insurance

In order to concentrate on the day to day operations, you need to be able to rely on someone whounderstands the risks and issues surrounding your business sector and can provide the right level of support and advice for your specific risk and insurance needs.

We work with Bluefin, on of the leading insurance brokers in the UK, who can offer you a quality insurance service that takes care of the risks faced by the modern wholesaler or retailer.

They can work with you to assess your key exposures, identify any gaps or duplications in your current cover and develop an insurance and risk solution that best fits your requirements.

Bluefin advisers and brokers provide outstanding levels of service and can access a huge range of market-leading products which makes them the perfect insurance provider for Procuria clients.

Why Bluefin

Bluefin has years of experience in the retail sector and understands that retailers don’t have time to do battle with long-winded, confusing contracts, so their approach is to explain things clearly and provide policies that offer broad coverage and generous limits.

What’s more, Bluefin advisors understand the importance of getting the business up and running as soon as possible after any incidents, so they will always help to ensure that your claims are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Want to know more?

Even if your insurance renewal is not yet due, letting Bluefin know your renewal date now means that they can undertake a review of your insurcane in good time. They can assess your current policy to indentify any significant gaps in your cover and also check that you are not over paying.

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