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At Procuria we use the latest software to completely remove the hassle out of managing your utility contracts now and in the future.

There is no need for any upfront work which many brokers require just to get to a point where a quote can be formulated. We drill straight into the supplier base to give you live pricing information and only require the formalities of paperwork once you accept the pricing.

Due to the powerful software that we use we negate the time often spent by customers only to find when a decision is made that the price is invalid.

Another benefit of the process is that we are able to quote well in advance of standard industry renewal timeframes, as far in advance as nine months, which can have an obvious benefit when working in a rising market.

We can cover all sizes of supply into any business in the UK from SME to large corporations using half hourly metered supply.

Half Hourly Tenders

To produce a Half Hourly tender we will need a signed Letter of Authority and a basic amount of information regarding your supply, this is then entered into our contract management system and the quoting process can begin.


Once your data is complete and held within our management system your contract will always be renewed on a timely basis, ensuring clients are protected from falling into ‘out of contract’ inflated charges and all paperwork is kept up to date ensuring a smooth run for our customers.

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