it doesnt take a genius to work out that if we group together on bills then we will all pay less!


The BDM from my local wholesaler introduced me to the drop shipment services from Procuria and I was impressed with the range of services available. I ordered a floor mat with my store name embroidered on and a range of non-food items that my local wholesaler did not stock. I also switched over my account with Kerry Foods allowing credit rather than having to pay cash for every delivery.

I also transferred my waste collections to the Procuria account which saw additional savings and I now have all these services on one invoice which helps with my business administration.
Mr Singh – Crown Mead – Stores Berkshire

I already take several services from Procuria but I recently switched my milk supply as they deal with over 40 regional dairies to take advantage of their cheaper prices and 6 day deliveries. This will save me hundreds of pounds per year.

There are over 50 suppliers available and I now receive one invoice for all my services from Procuria instead of paying individually by cash. I would recommend Procuria dropshipment services to any retailer.
Steve – Chapman Stores – Essex

I’m an independent retailer with lots of competition nearby so always looking for ways to improve the costs I pay for goods. I contacted Procuria two years ago, set up an account and switched my milk supply with them. So far I have saved over £2,000.
Rajesh, Akshar News Hampshire.

Waste Management

We had an issue with our previous provider, Procuria Waste managed the issue successfully and also the transition to a new provider. Which also generated a price saving.
Mr. Irons – Keelby Stores

The business has a number of stores and we were looking at streamlining our Waste infrastructure. Procuria Waste analysed and put forward a solution which enable us to recycle more products and generate a business saving. Anyone looking at their waste solutions can do no better than calling Procuria.
Mr. Phillips – Ops Manager – A R Barns Transport


Having called Procuria Utilities we had access to pricing within minutes and our decision, based on the saving and contract length, was completed within the hour. This saved my business time on looking at various sites to get the best deal.
Mr Bryant – Southern Fried Chicken – Milton Keynes

Cash Collection

As a business we collected payments, from our customer base, in a labour intensive way, this was a cost we had to bare. By moving clients to Direct Debit and outsourcing to Procuria this element of our business has generated a positive effect on our cashflow.
Mr Khan – Premier Stores – Bradford